May 10, 2021

Técnicas Reunidas, through its subsidiary IberEspacio, supplies equipment with Spanish technology to projects of the European Space Agency and NASA

Madrid, May 07, 2021.

IberEspacio has obtained a contract to supply equipment with Spanish technology from Técnicas Reunidas to a project of the European Space Agency. Specifically, it will provide thermal control equipment for the Space Rider shuttle, a “space plane” that will allow Europe, for the first time in its history, to have access to space on a recurring basis with a reusable spacecraft.

The space shuttle Space Rider

The Space Rider spacecraft is an unmanned high-tech laboratory that will carry out scientific experiments in microgravity, validate new technologies, study the Universe and even allow the launch of small satellites.

The ship will depart from the European spaceport located in French Guiana and will make a trip of up to two months in orbit to return autonomously to earth, once all its missions and experiments have been completed, landing in the Atlantic.

The first flight is scheduled for 2023, and will be followed by five more flights over the course of three years. In each of them, it will transport up to 800 kg of scientific equipment and experiments.

IberEspacio will supply this “space plane” with the necessary thermal control equipment so that the experiments it houses in its cargo bay can operate at optimum temperature during its mission.

This participation, which will be carried out under a contract with Thales Alenia Space Italia, is the result of more than 15 years of research carried out by IberEspacio within the framework of the R&D programs that the Técnicas Reunidas Group articulates through its companies Spanish high-tech.

Contracts with NASA

This new contract is added to others recently signed by IberEspacio. Through one of them, whose mission reached the final integration phase last March, Spanish technology will travel to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter aboard NASA’s Psyche space probe, whose mission is to study the origins of the Earth and the Universe.

IberEspacio will supply this ship with the structural and thermal panels of its main structure, which will prevent the electronic equipment and the ship as a whole from overheating and ceasing to function.

This space probe, built by the American manufacturer Maxar Technologies under the leadership of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), will begin its journey in August 2022 to reach the metallic asteroid 16 Psyche three years later. There he will study the iron and nickel composition of this asteroid, whose value is estimated at 10 trillion dollars, which is equivalent to 70,000 times the value of the world economy in 2019.

In addition, IberEspacio signed last April the second of the two contracts agreed with Maxar Technologies that will allow it to participate in NASA’s Tempo mission, the objective of which is to monitor North American polluting gases from space for the first time.

Finally, it should be added that the Spanish company won a contract last October to supply the main structural panels for the Galaxy 37 telecommunications satellite, owned by the operator Intelsat.

Spanish contribution to space technology

“For IberEspacio and Técnicas Reunidas, it is a pride to participate in missions of the highest level that represent and demand excellence in terms of space technology. The trust placed in us by our clients and the European and American space agencies It is the result of years of development, research and commitment from our employees and our shareholders ”, said the General Director of IberEspacio, Alejandro Torres.

All of these contributions from IberEspacio are based on technology developed and manufactured entirely by the company in its facilities in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), which employ 120 highly qualified workers.

With all these new projects, the company is expected to create up to 25 jobs for high-tech professional profiles in the next two years.

About IberEspacio

IberEspacio is a company of the Técnicas Reunidas Group that is focused on the development of high-tech thermal equipment and that exports 90% of its production. Its clients include the world’s leading satellite manufacturers, as well as the most relevant institutions in the space sector, including NASA, ESA and JAXA. It has participated in more than 80 space missions that add more than 2,000 teams in flight and manufactures all its products entirely in Spain.

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