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Why TR?

At Técnicas Reunidas we foster a work environment that favors the growth of our employees.

  • We work on dynamic and diverse projects with multidisciplinary teams.
  • We promote their training through personalized plans.
  • We recognize and value the best performance.
  • We promote labor flexibility, family-friendly policy and social benefits.


More than



Our values

We work to achieve the 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

We grow based on facing great challenges and overcoming them with the excellence required by our clients.

We are a great human team where we trust and support each other both professionally and personally.

We collaborate in large international first-level projects that stimulate learning and assuming new responsibilities.

Experience in different sectors

We guarantee access to renewable energy, we build infrastructures and offer sustainable urbanization and mobility solutions that improve the lives of people in the cities of the present and of the future.

Diverse and international team

We firmly believe that the sum of unique identities generates a common identity. In this way, we favor a climate that respects diversity and guarantees equal opportunities where we recognize people for their worth and professionalism.

What we offer

Special career development plans including training, financial and contractual aspects.

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Our HR Policy

Designed by the HR Department to manage the life cycle of employees. From recruitment to retention and growth within the organization.

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Safety, health and well-being

For Técnicas Reunidas, occupational risk prevention is a fundamental element and an essential requirement to guarantee the health and safety of our professionals and collaborators.

My experience


TR is a company of continuous challenges and infinite learning, where you can grow both personally and professionally.

Gabriela Tenreiro Corporate Development Analyst
Comillas Author Comillas

Thanks to TR I have been able to develop in a multicultural environment, carrying out projects on five continents with the most important clients in the sector.

Borja Berlanga de la Mata Heat Transfer Engineer
Comillas Author Comillas

I walked out the door of the faculty and into the door of TR. Since then, 8 years of learning and professional development surrounded by the best in the field.

César Zurita Analyst Programmer
Comillas Author Comillas

I have worked at TR for 10 years, facing unique professional challenges in different projects and countries, but always with a magnificent human team.

Loreto Esteban Site Senior QA/QC Supervisor
Comillas Author Comillas

Working at TR is a continuous challenge with the support of great professionals committed to results.

Yenny de Macedo Process Coordinator TUBAN
Comillas Author Comillas

I graduated in Beijing in 1999 and joined TR in 2008. Since then, I've collaborated in the engineering and construction of many world class petrochemical projects with the highest standards all over the planet

Xu Ke Commissioning Engineer
Comillas Author Comillas

During the 18 years that I have been working at Técnicas Reunidas, I have had the opportunity to participate in interesting engineering projects all over the world, from the laboratory experimentation phase to the industrial implementation.

Charmain Onoberhie Project Manager Development of Proprietary Technologies
Comillas Author Comillas
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At Técnicas Reunidas, we believe that the employee is as important as the company, because the value of each of our employees is simply our own. We offer all of them a place where they can grow and build their professional project.

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