We anticipate tomorrow's challenges to lead tomorrow's solutions.

Since its inception, Técnicas Reunidas has devoted a large amount of resources to R&D on industrial processes and technologies.

Our innovation model is aimed at improving efficiency in project execution and customer satisfaction.  This innovation is complemented by an important R&D effort to develop new technologies.

We are

We are permanently seeking new approaches to our business, to our product and service offerings, to our execution capabilities, and to our understanding of the challenges of the energy world.

We keep pace with industry evolution to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

We constantly drive R&D to develop new technologies.

We anticipate tomorrow's challenges to lead tomorrow's solutions.

is key to technology development

We work with innovative companies and research institutions with an open innovation approach.

We collaborate with universities, research centers, small, medium and large companies to solve the technical challenges of outmost scientific and industrial interest.

We participate in domestic and European projects that promote decarbonization and allow for the fairest and fastest possible energy transition.

How prepared are we?

Proprietary technology

We are a leading company in the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. We have our own developments in each of our work fields to successfully face the present and future market needs.

Optimal technical solutions

We offer optimal technical solutions for the development of efficient industrial plants so that our clients can implement their sustainability strategies and reduce their emissions. We develop green hydrogen projects from electrolyzers, biomass and other renewable energies, and blue hydrogen decarbonization projects. We minimize the risk of soil contamination by treating effluents in ammonium nitrate plants.

Circular economy

We promote the circular economy through the recycling of batteries used in electric mobility, the reuse of carbon fiber and glass from wind turbines, the production of zinc from urban waste and other projects that allow the recovery of resources.


We incorporate artificial intelligence technology to optimize our processes and strengthen our competitiveness for the benefit of our customers.

Virtual reality

We introduce virtual reality in the design and execution of our projects to achieve better levels of efficiency.


The 70 researchers at our Technology Center develop technologies and licenses that provide solutions to priority issues in industry and energy, such as critical raw materials, biorefining, metals management, chemical processes and environmental preservation.

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