We anticipate the challenges of tomorrow to lead the solutions of the future.

At Técnicas Reunidas we have been involved, since our beginnings, in different industrial processes and technologies for which we allocate significant resources focused on R&D&I.

Efficiency in the execution of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients are the guide of our innovation model. 

We are

We continually seek new approaches in our business, in our product and service offer, in our execution capabilities, in our understanding of the challenges of the energy world.

We adapt to the evolution of our industry by meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

We promote R&D to develop new technologies.

We anticipate the challenges of tomorrow to lead the solutions of the future.

Collaborationis key to technological development

We work with innovative companies and research institutions with an open innovation approach.

We collaborate with universities, research centers, small, medium and large companies to solve technical challenges of major scientific and industrial interest.

We participate in national and European projects that promote decarbonization and enable the fairest and fastest possible energy transition.

Are we ready?

Proprietary technologies

We are a leading company in the development and application of the most advanced technologies.
We have our own developments in all our areas of work to successfully face the present and future needs of the market.

Technical solutions

We offer optimal technical solutions for the development of efficient and sustainable industrial plants, so that our clients can reduce their emissions.
We develop different green hydrogen initiatives from electrolyzers, biomass and other renewable energies, and blue hydrogen decarbonization projects.
We minimize the risk of soil contamination by treating effluents in ammonium nitrate plants.

Circular economy

We promote the circular economy through the recycling of batteries used in electric mobility, the reuse of carbon fiber and glass from wind turbines, the production of zinc from urban waste and other projects that allow the recovery of resources.

Artificial Intelligence

With the approval of the 2030 Agenda, companies have become a key agent to transform the future and achieve a fair and inclusive society.
At Técnicas Reunidas we integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our strategy and day-to-day operations, aligning our business model with sustainable values through initiatives that generate value for society.


The 70 researchers at our Technology Center develop technologies and licenses that provide solutions to priority issues in industry and energy, such as critical raw materials, biorefining, metals management, chemical processes and environmental preservation.

Artificial Intelligence

Our leadership is the result of more than 60 years of international experience combined with the ability to apply complex technical solutions and offer the latest technologies available on the market. Therefore, investment in R&D&I and digital transformation play a key role in differentiating us.

In this regard, we have highlighted the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and data-driven decision making to optimize the planning, execution and life cycle of our projects through innovative solutions that we make available to our clients, such as the digital twin or the smart construction approach.

As a company specialized in high value-added engineering services and project management, planning is essential for the correct execution of projects. The use of artificial intelligence technologies offers us a wide range of opportunities and solutions that allow us to supervise our projects in detail, establishing performance indicators to be more efficient and obtain additional advantages such as improving the already excellent performance in occupational risk prevention. 

Among the artificial intelligence and digitalization technologies used by the company are the use of real-time sensors on construction sites, process automation, building information modeling (BIM), TRIA, TRSite Vision, TR Laserscan, Digital Twin , TR Live SITE and the creation of neural networks for document classification and entity detection. The use of generative artificial intelligence has also been safely enabled as an internal assistant for employees as a helper (Copilot).

In this context, we have created a specific corporate area for data and artificial intelligence that works hand in hand with the business areas to strategically manage all the company’s data and make the most of these new tools offered by artificial intelligence. 

In addition to our internal advances, at Técnicas Reunidas we believe in strategic alliances to promote the exchange of knowledge, capabilities and technologies, an aspect that is particularly relevant for exhausting the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence in all its aspects. Thus, we are promoting partners of the IndesIA association, a Spanish organization that promotes the data economy and artificial intelligence as an opportunity for business growth, with the participation of particularly relevant third parties such as Inditex, Repsol, Microsoft and Telefónica. Similarly, our employees, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid and IE Business School, promote the development of specific cases of the use of artificial intelligence in engineering.

Artificial intelligence and the use of data are an opportunity, but we must use them responsibly, with integrity and impartiality. At Técnicas Reunidas we evaluate the possible impacts and have a robust and transparent data governance system. In order to implement artificial intelligence in our activities in an ethical and responsible manner, in July 2023 Técnicas Reunidas developed and approved its Ethical Principles of Artificial Intelligence. Through these principles, we are committed to employing artificial intelligence in our operations with human oversight and in a fair, inclusive, transparent and accountable manner, minimizing the environmental impact of its application and with strict data governance criteria.

For all these reasons, Técnicas Reunidas is firmly committed to artificial intelligence as a key and differential element to provide value to our clients and to society. We are proud to be part of a company in which R&D&I and technology are part of its DNA and which has generalized the use of tools based on artificial intelligence as a strategic and differentiating element in its day-to-day operations. 

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