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Proprietary Technology Development Division

Technology center
José Lladó

Our technological development center has cutting-edge spaces for creation and research, that favor the transfer and dissemination of advances in the sector. On the other hand, it facilitates collaboration between companies, technology centers and public research centers, promoting industrial diversification and expanding the range of applications.

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Metal recovery technologies

Technologies critical raw materials

Biorefinery technologies WALEVA Technology

Enviromental technologies HALOMET Technology



Técnicas Reunidas has more than 50 years’ experience accumulated in the licencing of Nitric Acid, Ammonium Nitrate and Fertiliser Technologies, including Environmental Emissions Control.
We have installed over 60 industrial plants worldwide with our Proprietary Technology.

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Our Heat Transfer strategy

Heat Transfer

The Heat Transfer discipline is of critical importance in the performance of the majority of process plants. From the very beginning, TR created a dedicated specialized heat transfer division, named TR-Tecnical.
The energy world is changing and TR-Tecnical remains in step with those changes through our longstanding commitment to R&D programs, embracing Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Goals.

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