Energy is present in all aspects of our daily lives

Our world needs clean fuels, natural gas, petrochemicals, power, hydrogen, bioenergy, fertilizers, etc.

We contribute to these needs by designing and constructing necessary plants for their production…

… by acting this way, we think of future generations.

In every design that our engineers develop, sustainable growth, decarbonization and energy transition are the concepts that represent our culture’ s DNA.


Our plants require technology and experience

We have been designing and building plants for more than 60 years. We have the best chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation engineers, as well as the best planning & control, procurement, logistics, inspection, quality, and safety experts. Their high level of professionalism and commitment drive us to a permanent research to improve efficiency and sustainability.

We have worked and built all over the world: in 60 countries of the 5 continents. That’s why the most important clients and the most prestigious technologists and licensors have trusted and continue trusting in Técnicas Reunidas.

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We have solutions and experience in the most advanced technologies for sustainable growth and decarbonization.

The plants designed and built by us produce clean petrochemical products and fuels. Our projects also include plants for the production and processing of natural gas.

And we also have a strong activity in energy transition technologies, a business line that Técnicas Reunidas is pushing forward at a high pace. Among these new low carbon technologies, we design and build plants producing low carbon hydrogen (blue and green), facilities capturing carbon emissions for their later storage, plants using bioenergy to produce biofuel and generate power, as well as the projects related to circular economy.

We have two business lines that support sustainable growth:

  • Services to produce clean fuels that have a positive impact in the health of the communities.
  • Services to produce petrochemical products, which are key for water distribution, food industry,  improved efficiency in buildings and transport and health advancements among others.

And we have two business lines that support decarbonization:

  • Services for the whole natural gas value chain, a key transition fuel for achieving a net zero-carbon energy supply.
  • Services for the development of low carbon energy technologies, such as hydrogen, carbon capture and storage , bio energies and circular economy.
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