Hydrogen is seen as a cornerstone of a clean, safe and affordable future energy system

A more than promising energy carrier

Hydrogen is seen as a cornerstone of a clean, safe and affordable future energy system. With renewable energy becoming increasingly involved in the electricity generation mix, hydrogen could play the role of storing large amounts of electricity for days, weeks, or even months.

Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of energy resources, including natural gas, coal, oil, renewable energy, and nuclear energy. It can also be converted into raw materials for the chemical industry or, in combination with CO2, into synthetic hydrocarbon fuels for the transport sector.

Hydrogen is abundant, clean and affordable

Hydrogen can be produced from fossil fuels, biomass, or water. Depending on the production process, hydrogen is classified into colors, from grey (natural gas reform), blue (grey hydrogen with carbon capture and storage) and green (by electrolysis of water with renewable energy) to even pink (electrolysis of nuclear powered water).

Blue, green and pink are considered low carbon means of hydrogen production.

Current prospects forecast a cost of less than $ 2 per kg for low carbon hydrogen, making it very competitive against existing energy alternatives.

Hydrogen is versatile

Hydrogen has multiple applications, even for energy intensive industries.

  • It can support the integration of variable renewable energies in the electrical system. It can be stored and then used to generate fuel cell backup power in periods of high demand and low renewable energy availability.
  • It can be used as a low-carbon fuel in energy-intensive sectors where electricity has limited applicability, such as long-distance transportation and heavy industry.
  • It can be converted into liquefied carriers such as ammonia, which can be used as a transportation fuel for the shipping industry.
delivered hydrogen units

More than 30 hydrogen units delivered in our facilities around the world.

We have a vast experience in managing hydrogen

We are experts in hydrogen.

We know how to produce, store and integrate hydrogen in industrial processes. We have designed and built hydrogen units in refining processes for hydrotreating clean fuel production streams and we have worked with hydrogen at high pressure and temperature levels.

We know how and where to apply hydrogen solutions

We have the ability to deliver solutions for all colors of hydrogen, from natural gas reforming to water electrolysis or biomass reforming.

We help our clients integrate hydrogen into their production processes with storage solutions or by mixing it with existing gas networks. We leverage our experience in complex refining and petrochemical plants to integrate it into other energy-intensive industries.

We can transform hydrogen and captured carbon into synthetic gas and fuels, ammonia and methanol. We design solutions for mixing hydrogen with natural gas in advanced and efficient combined cycles for power generation.

We shape solutions and we execute the project

We provide consulting services and solutions for different hydrogen applications such as green hydrogen for transport and refining processes and production of green ammonia and methanol. Additionally, we design and build the plants to carry out these projects.

We collaborate with other companies in the development and scaling of various water electrolysis technologies to produce green hydrogen.

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