We help our clients design and build their plants in the most demanding conditions and most remote geographies.

Our skills and capabilities have been developed over several decades.

The key components of our methodology are knowledge, in field experience, our continuously updated procedures and high-quality standards.

We help our clients design and build their plants in the most demanding conditions and most remote geographies. We are proud to say we have among our clients some of the most renowned energy companies, with the most stringent requirements for the design of their plants.

From the conceptual assessment to the full execution of the project

From the What if stage until the handover of the plant for commercial operation. We help our clients make their projects happen.

We provide an integrated service in each stage, adapting it to the needs of the client and considering all the dimensions of every investment: business case, technology and environment. We aim to minimise development and execution costs while preserving maximum environmental standards.

Conceptual and feasibility studies

From the early stage of project development, we analyse all the dimensions of the investment.

We study the business case thoroughly, define the most appropriate technology configurations, estimate the CAPEX and OPEX, we build and run the financial model to study different operating scenarios, define the most appropriate execution strategy, identify the bankability risks and we analyse the alignment of the project with existing environmental standards and taxonomies. We help the project reach the next decision gate with soundness.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
and Open Book Estimate (OBE)

With our FEED services we help meticulously define our clients’ investments before entering the execution stage.

We carry out a detailed analysis of the project, from the definition of the main processes and identification and selection of technologies to the definition and dimension of the auxiliary services and logistical needs of the plant.

We use value engineering procedures to identify sources of cost optimization and ways to minimize environmental impacts. We compare the selected project technologies for each process with the best available and recommend those that are optimal.

We like to combine our FEED with an OBE. In this process, we work jointly and transparently with our client to precisely define the total costs of a project.

Engineering, Procurement and
Construction (EPC)

This is our most recognized experience.

We have executed EPC projects for renowned energy companies in challenging conditions, remote areas and with tight execution schedules.

We deliver our plants on time and with high quality standards. We structure a dedicated team that considers commissioning and delivery requirements up front.

Raising finance

We have extensive experience in helping our clients obtain financing.

On the debt side, we have worked with most Export Credit Agencies to help our clients finance their investments.

On the equity side, we have structured dedicated channels with investors to entice them to invest in exciting opportunities.

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