All our decisions seek to guarantee the safety of workers, clients, users and suppliers in all phases of project development.

Técnicas Reunidas works to maximize occupational health and safety throughout the life cycle of projects, from the design phase through construction to commissioning, based on a solid Management System that extends to its suppliers and subcontractors.

Year 2021

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number of lost time incidents per 200,000 hours worked

The culture of prevention is the basis of the initiatives aimed at guaranteeing the safety and health of all employees, as well as the supply chain.

We execute large, international, multidisciplinary and multicultural industrial projects.

In a business with such a high degree of demand, experience shows that an advanced Health and Safety culture is essential for projects to be completed successfully, from the design and engineering phase through the execution of projects, and from the construction phase to the safe delivery of the plants.


This culture enormously contributes to the protection of both the physical integrity of all the workers who participate in all phases of the projects, and to the integrity of the facilities delivered to the clients for their operation. The implementation of this culture from the very beginning of the projects allows for the inclusion of protection measures that reduce risk to a greater extent and with a lower economic impact.

Through our continuous training programs, we seek to inform and raise employees, suppliers and subcontractors' awareness of obligations and responsibilities.

Training is important to prevent and promote the creation and standardization of a corporate Health and Safety culture for all company employees as well as suppliers and subcontractors with whom we work. Encouraging their participation in prevention tasks and the treatment of problems regarding working conditions and promoting joint responsibility at the different levels of the organization.

HSE policy

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Management system

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Técnicas Reunidas has had an Occupational Health and Safety Management System since 2008 and is currently certified according to the ISO 45001 standard (2020), formerly OHSAS 18001.

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