We know how to decarbonize refining operations

CCS is a critical technology for net zero scenarios

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a key pillar of the efforts needed towards put the world on the path to net-zero emissions.

It is the only group of technologies that contributes both to directly reducing emissions in key sectors and removing CO2 to balance emissions that cannot be avoided in energy intensive industrial sectors – a critical part of “net” zero goals.

The industrial sectors need CCS to decarbonize

CCS is currently the only large-scale mitigation option available to make deep reductions in the emissions from industrial sectors such as cement, iron and steel, chemicals and refining.

Today, these emissions represent one-fifth of total global CO2 emissions, and the amount of CO2 they produce is likely to grow over the coming decades.

CCS is gaining a strong momentum

CCS has gained renewed global interest and attention, holding out the promise of a rapid scaling-up of investment, wider deployment and accelerated innovation.

The pipeline of new CCS projects has been growing, costs have been declining, new business models that can improve the financial viability of CCS have emerged, and technologies associated with CO2 use and carbon removal are advancing and attracting interest from policy makers and investors.

Will contribute

of total reduction of emissions by mid century.

According to the International Energy Agency, carbon capture and storage will contribute with 15% of total reduction of emissions by mid century.

We are already working with technologies for CCS

Amine plants are one of the identified technologies for carbon capture and storage. We know them well, as we have had to design and build amine facilities for the treatment of sour streams in natural gas processing plants and refineries.

We are also bidding jointly with licensors of CCS technologies for the installation of capture units in combined cycle power generation plants, or blue hydrogen production.

We know how to work in complex industrial plants

Energy intensive industrial sectors will need CCS to decarbonize their activities. Energy-hungry industrial facilities are complex systems, being space and operations one of the constraints for the new processes installation.

We continually work in upgrading refineries and petrochemical plants: facilities wit highly complex and interconnected processes. We know how to do a good job in brownfield projects. We possess a required skill for installing CCS units in the existing industrial plants.

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