TR's objective is to deliver long-term and sustainable value to its shareholders.

Capital Markets Day 2024:

Annual General Assembly 2024:

26th June

Capital increase 2023:

From April 13th to 26th, participate in our capital increase.

2024 First Quarter Results:

May 10th

Reports release before Market open
Webcast 11:00 am CET

June 25, 2024, 5:35 pm

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Together with our stakeholders, we are essential for attaining the goals of sustainability and decarbonization. We are committed to these goals.

Sustainable Growth

We deliver services and build facilities that provide clean fuels and petrochemicals that are essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.


We subscribe the goals of decarbonization of the Paris Agreement. We support our clients with solutions and technologies that contribute to the 2°C scenario.

Energy Transition

The energy transition, to succeed, needs to be responsible and achievable.
We are committed in working closely with our stakeholders to attain the goals stated in the International Energy Agency’s Sustainable Development Scenario.

Corporate Governance

At Técnicas Reunidas we have an efficient corporate governance model, in continuous review and improvement, which provides credibility and trust to stakeholders. Our model is based on the applicable regulations and existing recommendations on corporate governance for listed companies.

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