Committed with the energy transition

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has defined a Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS) which takes into account the current challenges of sustainability and decarbonization in a realistic and cost-effective way.

According to the IEA, the transition of the global energy matrix needs to be responsible and achievable. Decarbonization, to succeed, shall be addressed in conjunction with other economic and social factors. A sudden lack of investment in the existing oil and gas value chain could result in a shortage of basic energy supply and, therefore, price spikes, that will impact mostly the citizenship of developing economies.

Técnicas Reunidas is committed with the transition to zero-carbon energy supply by closely working with its stakeholders to achieve the IEA’s SDS goals.


Our main goal

Our corporate target is to get increasingly involved in projects with a clear positive impact related to decarbonization and do it as fast and as fair as possible.

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