Our people are what makes us different


I am often asked about the main factor that could explain the success of Técnicas Reunidas, whether it is our technology, business strength or experience.
It is very clear to me: this success has been achieved due to our people.

Juan Lladó Executive president of Técnicas Reunidas

Our people are what makes us different.

Throughout it´s more than 60 years of experience, Tecnicas Reunidas has worked for the most important companies in the world.

The people who work at Tecnicas Reunidas are capable of successfully managing and resolving highly complex technical challenges. Above all, they can envisage and respond to the main challenges facing our society, as it is the case of energy transition by now.

They act in such a way since they are continuously training talented and dedicated team that firmly believes in the culture of knowledge transmission.

Técnicas Reunidas employs...

professionals of

A multicultural team capable of adapting to different countries and cultures

Técnicas Reunidas employs 6,500 people of 71 nationalities.

Their professionalism allows us to work on cutting-edge projects whose success depends as much on technical skills and knowledge as on a corporate culture of adaptability and respect for all cultures, countries, regulations and disciplines.

As a result, our teams are prepared to work on projects in which, at any given time, more than 50,000 people from all over the world, from different companies and from all types of disciplines may be involved, working together.

Comillas Técnicas Reunidas is the second company in Spain in terms of engineering recruitment and is included in Linkedin's ``Top Companies 2021: the 25 best companies to work for in Spain`` ranking.

Our Management team

A committed and responsible management team

The work of our more than 6,500 employees is coordinated by a highly qualified management team that has an in-depth knowledge of the company, markets and trends, and is constantly seeking solutions to new challenges, with a strategic vision that ensures the company’s future.

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