Our governance model incorporates international best practices

At Técnicas Reunidas we have an efficient corporate governance model, under continuous review and improvement, which provides credibility and trust to stakeholders. Our model is based on the applicable regulations and existing recommendations on corporate governance for listed companies.

The corporate governance system is, together with sustainability, a key element and a fundamental tool of the Técnicas Reunidas group, a differentiator from its competitors and a determining factor in consolidating Técnicas Reunidas as the company preferred by its stakeholders.

Governing bodies

The governance of Técnicas Reunidas is managed through the following governing bodies.

Remuneration and performance model

The Remuneration Model for the Board and the senior management of Técnicas Reunidas consists of a fixed and a variable component.

The Annual Report on Remunerations of the Directors includes the general principles of the company’s remuneration policy.

Organization rules

Técnicas Reunidas’ governance model is based on the regulations applicable to the company’s activity, both as a public limited company and as a listed company, and is fundamentally based on various internal rules of good governance:

Corporate governance Annual report

The corporate governance annual report is a transparency instrument that collects complete and reasoned information on our corporate governance structure and practices, so that the market, investors and shareholders can have a true image and develop an informed opinion about Técnicas Reunidas.

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