Board of directors

This is the corporate governing body that supervises and manages the Company, determining and approving, among other competencies, its general policies and strategies.

A pluralistic Board, with 50% of external independent directors, fully updated on the strategic issues facing the Company and governed by specific regulations that establish its activity and operation.


The Board of Directors determines and approves the Company’s general policies and strategies, including the strategic plan, investment and financing policy and corporate governance and sustainability policies. Within the Corporate Governance structure it has approved, it ensures that its Bylaws are permanently updated and has approved fundamental rules for the operation of the Company, such as the Board Regulations, the Internal Rules of Conduct in the Securities Markets and the Sustainability Policy. Both the guidelines and these standards are periodically reviewed on the basis of the interests of the Company and its shareholders, as well as regulatory changes and best international practices in Sustainability and Corporate Governance.

Councillor Charge Category Date of last appointment
Mr. Juan Lladó Arburúa Executive Chairperson Executive June 25, 2020
Mr. José Manuel Lladó Arburúa 1st. Vice-Chairman External representing significant shareholders June 25, 2020
Mr. Pedro Luis Uriarte Santamarina Director Other non-Executive June 25, 2020
Ms. Petra Mateos-Aparicio Morales Director Independent June 25, 2020
Mr. Alfredo Bonet Baiget Director Independent June 28, 2022
Mr. José Nieto de la Cierva Director Independent June 28, 2022
Ms. Inés Andrade Moreno Director Independent June 25, 2020
Mr. Ignacio Sánchez-Asiaín Sanz Director Independent June 25, 2020
Ms. Silvia Iranzo Gutiérrez Director Independent June 28, 2022
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