August 10, 2023

ADNOC Gas awards to the JV Técnicas Reunidas (TR) – National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) a large project to maximize feedstock

  • The Maximizing Ethane Recovery and Monetization (MERAM) project includes a commissioning of new gas processing facilities.
  • The execution of these works will be undertaken by a joint venture established by Técnicas Reunidas and NPCC at 50% each of them.
  • The full development of the project will imply a total investment of 3.6 USD billion dollars.


Madrid, August 10 2023 – ADNOC Gas, one of the largest gas companies in the world, has awarded to a joint venture between Técnicas Reunidas and NPCC (JV TR-NPCC), led by NPCC, the complete development of the MERAM project, focused on the recovery of ethane from residue gas.

The scope of the project, based on a lump sum contract, includes the engineering, procurement, construction, installation, testing and commissioning works of an extensive and varied set of new facilities to maximize the recovery of ethane from gas and enable its monetization.

These new equipment and systems will be installed to expand the capacity of several existing units at various ADNOC Gas owned sites in the country, as well as modifications to accommodate the production profile and various new pipelines for feed gas and production in these units.

All these works will be carried out by the JV TR-NPCC. JV project home office will be based in Madrid, Spain.

The investment derived from the complete execution of the MERAN project will amount to 3.6 billion USD dollars.


ADNOC Gas, listed on the ADX (ADX symbol: “ADNOCGAS” / ISIN: “AEE01195A234”), is a world-class, large-scale integrated gas processing company operating across the gas value chain, from receipt of raw gas feedstock from ADNOC through large, long-life operations for gas processing and fractionation to the sale of products to domestic and international customers. ADNOC Gas supplies approximately 60% of the UAE’s sales gas needs and supplies end-customers in over 20 countries.

About Técnicas Reunidas

The Spanish company Técnicas Reunidas is a global engineering and construction company, with presence in 25 countries and a record of more than 1,000 industrial plants over its more than 60 years of experience.

Técnicas Reunidas is specialized in the design and construction of large industrial plants dedicated to the production of clean fuels, natural gas, and chemical products. The company is also at the forefront in technologies and solutions related to the energy transition, the circular economy and asset decarbonization. These solutions encompass technologies such as renewable hydrogen and its derivatives, biofuels and biochemicals and carbon capture.

Técnicas Reunidas has launched track, its strategy for the energy transition. Through track, Técnicas Reunidas aims to maximize its opportunities and accelerate its implementation in the forthcoming low carbon economy. The main activities included in track are engineering services for the early stages of projects, project development and carbon and methane management.

With a workforce of more than 8,000 employees, most of whom are highly qualified engineers, Técnicas Reunidas’ headquarters in Spain serves as a center of engineering excellence.

About NPCC

NPCC (National Petroleum Construction Company), a subsidiary of NMDC Group and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, stands as a global leader in the fields of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC).

Specializing in comprehensive EPC solutions, NPCC caters to both the Offshore and Onshore sectors within the Oil & Gas industry. Its range of services encompasses engineering, procurement, project management, fabrication, installation, and commissioning, delivering seamless and efficient solutions to project owners and operators.

Founded in 1973, NPCC has since grown into a multinational presence, extending its operations across the Arabian Gulf, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. With a strategic roadmap for growth, the company aims to further expand into regions like Africa and the Caspian area.

NPCC prides itself on fostering robust relationships with top Operating Companies (OPCOs), National Oil Companies (NOCs), and International Oil Companies (IOCs). Employing a highly skilled team of over 1,200 engineers, NPCC operates out of four engineering centers located in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Mumbai and Hyderabad (India), and La Ciotat (France).

At the core of NPCC’s innovative capabilities is its state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi. Spanning an area of 1.3 million square meters, this facility can produce up to 100,000 metric tonnes of structural steel annually. Additionally, NPCC owns a fleet of 23 modern offshore vessels, equipped to support both shallow and deep-water operations. With the ability to lift structures weighing up to 4,200 MT and laying sub-sea cables and pipelines of up to 66 inches in diameter, NPCC can operate in water depths ranging from 10 to 2,000 meters.

Through continuous innovation, commitment to quality, and a forward-looking approach, NPCC has established itself as a preferred partner in the global energy sector.

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