Presente y futuro del hidrógeno. Part 3

Angel Gómez

31 Mar, 2022


Técnicas Reunidas and hydrogen

In the two previous chapters in this series on hydrogen, we have highlighted the important contribution that hydrogen can make to providing a clean and sustainable energy source on a large scale and, therefore, to meeting the objectives of energy transition and decarbonization. 

The natural question that immediately arises is, then: is Técnicas Reunidas doing anything in this area?

The answer is yes. Técnicas Reunidas has extensive experience in the design and construction of hydrogen plants. It has been involved in the development of more than 30 facilities that apply different technologies and are operating with high levels of efficiency and availability; and it is currently participating in several projects that are at the forefront of green hydrogen generation. This solid experience is a great advantage when it comes to serving our customers and developing projects tailored to their needs. 

The company is in a position to participate in all phases of hydrogen project development – from research to construction and commissioning of the facilities – as it has the technical know-how, execution methodology and market experience required to do so.

Técnicas Reunidas: solid experience in hydrogen projects

Técnicas Reunidas’ activities in the hydrogen field are already a reality. The company has a large number of initiatives and projects underway; some are carried out in consortium with other companies, a very common scheme in this field, while others are carried out individually.

The company works on projects that are already commercial in nature, as well as on demonstration and research projects, in the latter case mainly within the framework of the European Union’s Horizon program and the Missions program of the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), which is part of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Among them, for example, our company is executing the detailed engineering of a green hydrogen production plant of 2.5 MW capacity that a consortium of Spanish companies is developing in Majorca. It is estimated that the plant will produce some 300 tons of renewable hydrogen from solar energy and will reduce the island’s CO2 emissions by some 20,000 tons per year. 

Another relevant project is ShineFleet (Hydrogen-based Technological Solutions for intelligent and sustainable mobility of heavy-duty autonomous fleets), which is also being carried out through a consortium of Spanish companies, will produce renewable hydrogen from biogas or bioethanol, or blue hydrogen from natural gas with carbon sequestration and capture, for use in heavy-duty transport vehicles. Técnicas Reunidas, in addition to coordinating the project, will develop the technology for a modular and compact hydrogen generation system that will allow on-site production of renewable and blue hydrogen.

As an example of the “demo” type plants, it is worth mentioning that Técnicas Reunidas has 4 pilot electrolyzers based on alkaline technology and a compact and mobile hydrogen generator that will allow further progress to be made in the ShineFleet project.

Regarding research, it should be noted, for example, that the company has submitted 6 projects to the European Horizon program and 5 to the CDTI Missions project, all of them under a consortium scheme with other companies.

In short, Técnicas Reunidas TR is involved in numerous hydrogen projects. Some are focused on the development of facilities that already have a certain level of technological maturity and practical application; others are at a more incipient stage and the company frequently contributes to making their industrial scaling possible; and in several others the company advises end customers on the technical and economic viability of the different facilities, depending on the state of development of the technology and the application and uses to which the hydrogen produced is to be put. 

In the list of projects of this type in which Técnicas Reunidas is involved, the most numerous at the moment are those in Spain. It is also present in Europe, where green hydrogen is gaining momentum, and in some of our preferred markets outside Europe (e.g. Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, etc.). Discussions are underway in several of them for the creation of large hydrogen hubs, and the company is establishing bilateral alliances to ensure its participation in them.

A major effort to develop its own technology

Finally, in relation to hydrogen, it should be noted that Técnicas Reunidas is not only applying the different technologies available on the market to a large number of projects, but is also making a major research effort of its own in this field.

Through its Technology Center located in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), it has been working for some time on the development of its own technologies in order to implement them in the projects it carries out in this field. In particular, it is involved in the development of technological solutions to promote the development of more efficient and economically competitive electrolyzers.

Thanks to this work and its results, this Technology Center is at the forefront of the development of hydrogen production technologies. In addition, it is collaborating with other leading Spanish technology centers so that the coordination of efforts and capabilities will promote the development of technologies with a Spanish brand that will place the country at the forefront in the field of hydrogen production.

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