February 1, 2024

CRECEMOS association is born to promote the circular economy and renewable fuels

The Renewable Fuels, Circular Economy and Sustainable Mobility Association (CRECEMOS) has been formed in Madrid to promote the circular economy in Spain and the use of renewable fuels as an option already available and complementary to other alternatives to decarbonize all segments of transport.

CRECEMOS has the support of 19 companies (Acteco, Airbus, Alsa, Enso, Estrella Galicia, Fertinagro, Grupo Corral, Lipsa, Logista, Mercadona, Oleofat, Repsol, Saica Natur, Scania, Sesé, Técnicas Reunidas, Toyota, Vertex Bioenergy and Wärtsilä), which belong to different strategic sectors for the Spanish economy -such as industry, energy or the automotive sector, among others- as well as ASAJA.  In addition, the presence in CRECEMOS of all the key links for the circular economy represents a clear commitment of the association for a real change in the production model. 

All the entities that are part of CRECEMOS are committed to the European Union’s goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. To achieve this goal, renewable fuels are one of the main options for rapidly reducing transport emissions, especially in aviation, marine and heavy transport, sectors that currently do not have alternative technologies that would enable them to make progress in the short and medium term in their decarbonization. 

The proper management and transformation of waste into new products, avoiding landfill and incineration, is another of the challenges facing our society. CRECEMOS will promote new value chains around the reuse of waste, encourage the development of technologies to valorize this waste and create new markets for more sustainable products, such as renewable fuels produced from used cooking oils or biomass waste and circular materials. 

This new model also represents an opportunity to generate a greater industrial fabric, building on the strengths that this sector has demonstrated by initiating an unprecedented transformation.  In addition, the adoption of circular economy principles could increase Spain’s energy independence and have a tractor effect on the generation of employment in rural areas.

In order to favor the transition towards this new model, it will be necessary to have a simple and clear regulation, both at national and European level, that provides certainty and facilitates the necessary investments for its development. CRECEMOS is born with the vocation to play the role of facilitator and to be a relevant actor in this change of model towards a more sustainable and resilient economy.

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