March 8, 2024

Happy International Women’s Day

At Técnicas Reunidas, we join in the celebration of International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to giving visibility to women to achieve gender equality and women’s well-being in the corporate environment.

This year’s theme for the celebration is “Investing in Women: Accelerating Progress,” aimed at driving progress towards prosperous and sustainable economies. To achieve this, we must advocate for the role of women not only on March 8th but throughout the year, thus creating an egalitarian planet.

For TR, the role of women in the company is essential. We work every day to achieve diversity and equality within the company, and we are gradually succeeding. However, it remains a challenge that is part of both our corporate strategy and sustainability strategy. For this reason, we continue to grow as a company, working on specific projects to achieve this goal, such as providing STEM training for women in the Middle East or increasing the number of women in the company year by year.

But why is International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8th?

In March 1857, during the Industrial Revolution, a group of women gathered in New York to protest against harsh working conditions. Although precarious labor was prevalent at the time, the situation for women was much more extreme. As a result, thousands of textile workers took to the streets with the slogan “Bread and Roses” to demand a reduction in working hours and an end to child labor.

More than 50 years later, in March 1911, also in New York, a group of 123 women and 23 men died as a result of a fire in a shirtwaist factory. Most of them were young immigrants aged between 14 and 23, who were trapped because the management had blocked the exits to prevent theft.

Due to these harsh events, since the early 20th century, International Women’s Day has been celebrated in Europe, starting in Copenhagen, formerly known as International Working Women’s Day, and today we know it as International Women’s Day.

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