A firm commitment with innovation and offering efficient, sustainable and clean technical solutions.

Innovation is one of the Group’s main tools to ensure its sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness and constitutes a strategic element for all its businesses and activities that it develops. The Group has the vocation to lead the engineering sector in innovation, helping to reduce the environmental footprint, promoting sustainable business models and the efficient use of resources.


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    Importance of digitization and the use of new technologies to increase efficiency, give faster response to customers, reduce costs, among other reasons.

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    Focus on raw materials and especially on certain critical or strategic raw materials for relevant sectors such as telecommunications, defense and aeronautics or energy.

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    Sustainability, environmental legislation, circular economy, etc. as a clear business opportunity for the development of technologies in relation to waste management.

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    Establishment of lines of collaboration with clients, partners, suppliers and subcontractors.

  • 05

    Increasing importance of technologies aimed at the energy transition (example, green hydrogen and decarbonization).

How are we prepared?

Own technology

Own developments in all work areas and in relation to the energy transition, such as green hydrogen, CO2 capture and recovery.

Optimal technical solutions

  • Offering optimal technical solutions for the development of efficient industrial plants that allow clients to execute their sustainability and emission control and reduction strategies.
  • Green hydrogen from biomass or green hydrogen through electrolyzers and renewable energies.
  • Blue hydrogen decarbonization.
  • Improvement in the recovery of effluents with high nitrate content in ammonium nitrate plants in order to minimize the risk of soil contamination.

Circular Economy

  • Strategic line of circular economy such as the recycling of mobility-related batteries for the recovery of the metals present in them and the recovery of metals from steel powder.
  • Pyrolysis projects to recycle carbon fiber and glass for windmills
  • Zinc production plant from municipal waste


Strategy in the field of digitization to strengthen competitiveness, adapt to customer demands and optimize processes.

Virtual reality

Introduction of virtual reality in the design and execution of projects.

R + D + i

With specialists in R + D + i management and knowledge in development areas.

Our Technology Center

  • Promotion of the José Lladó Technological Center, with specialized capacities and resources in strategic lines of research.
  • Development of technologies in relation to critical raw materials from primary and secondary sources of rare earths, magnesium, platinum, phosphors, etc. not currently exploited
  • Recovery of phosphorus in the form of technical grade phosphoric acid from the ashes of sewage sludge with the aim of its industrial implementation.
  • Development of electrolyzer technology for the production of green hydrogen
  • new PHOS4LIFE ™, WALEVA ™ and HALOMETTM technologies
  • ZINCEX ™ technologies for the recovery of high purity zinc and ECOLEAD ™ for the recovery of lead.

Development of electrolyser technology for the production of green hydrogen:

Technologies for the recovery of high purity zinc:

Technologies for the recovery of lead:

Our Technology Center

Our Technology Center José Lladó

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Meet today's needs without compromising future generations.

Técnicas Reunidas has developed a sustainability strategy aimed at creating value in a sustainable way and presenting high added value services that allow our clients to have efficient and sustainable facilities.

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