January 20, 2023

Técnicas Reunidas achieves the highest score in its sector in the latest edition of the carbon disclosure project

  • The company has obtained the highest rating in 5 of the 11 factors analyzed in this international research on the climate change performance of listed companies.
  • This result places TR among the world’s leading companies in terms of climate change and confirms its growing commitment to the goals of energy transition and decarbonization.

Técnicas Reunidas has achieved the highest score in its sector (A-) in the latest edition of the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (“CDP”) Climate Change assessment questionnaire for the 2022 financial year.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States that runs a system for analyzing the climate change and other environmental performance of the world’s leading listed companies.

Its system is considered an international reference in the assessment of this performance in the business world. Essentially, it is based on the results of a questionnaire made up of more than one hundred questions that enable the analysis of the eleven most relevant factors of an organization’s actions and reporting in relation to climate change, as well as its responses to the global needs of decarbonization. 

CDP has been conducting this research since 2003, with the participation of some 18,000 companies from all sectors.

Maximum score in five factors

With regards to Técnicas Reunidas, the Spanish company obtained the highest score (A) in five of the eleven factors analyzed (initiatives for emissions reduction, governance model, risk management processes, scopes 1 and 2 in emissions reduction and verification, and risk disclosure) and the second highest score (A-) in two others (scope 3 in emissions reduction and verification, and business strategy and financial planning).

In this way, the participation of Técnicas Reunidas in the questionnaire, which was led by the company’s Sustainability area, with the support of the Safety, Health and Environment area and other areas involved, has resulted in the confirmation of its presence in the group of companies that are world leaders in the fight against climate change and in favor of decarbonization.

This result also reflects the company’s commitment to the objectives of the energy transition, both in the execution of its traditional activities, as well as in the growing momentum in recent years in the development of projects directly related to decarbonization.

The activities of Técnicas Reunidas

Técnicas Reunidas is one of the most important companies in its sector on an international scale, with presence in 25 countries and a track record that totals more than 1,000 industrial plants throughout its more than 60 years of experience.

Técnicas Reunida´s activity is mainly focused on the development of engineering projects, design and construction of industrial plants for the production of clean fuels, natural gas and chemical products, and solutions linked to the energy transition, circular economy and decarbonization (renewable hydrogen, biofuels, waste recovery, CO2 sequestration and capture, etc.).

Its more than 6,800 employees, mostly highly qualified engineers, make its headquarters in Spain a center of engineering excellence.

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