March 17, 2023

Técnicas Reunidas certifies its good practices in Compliance with AENOR

  • The certificate demonstrates Técnicas Reunidas’ commitment to the creation of a corporate culture based on ethics and regulatory compliance.
  • The AENOR auditors have highlighted the significant effort in human and technological resources to reinforce the Compliance system, as well as the maturity of the contracting processes.

Técnicas Reunidas has received the AENOR certificate for Criminal Compliance, in accordance with the UNE 19601 standard, which demonstrates the commitment of this company, one of the leading companies in engineering, design and construction of industrial facilities in the world, to good practices to prevent crime, reduce risk and promote an ethical business culture and compliance with the law. 

During the audit, the high level of maturity of the Técnicas Reunidas compliance system was verified, as well as the significant investment in human and technological resources to reinforce the system, which demonstrates its firm commitment in this area. Likewise, the maturity of its system is also reflected in the recruitment processes, testing the compliance culture of the person who is going to join the organisation.

The certificate was received by Eduardo San Miguel, CEO of Técnicas Reunidas, from the CEO of AENOR, Rafael García Meiro. Eduardo San Miguel stated that “obtaining this certificate is a great satisfaction for the company, as it is part of the constant effort we make to ensure that all our activities comply with the most demanding compliance standards and are carried out in full compliance with the principles of good corporate governance”.

For his part, Rafael García Meiro explained that “AENOR’s certification in compliance, which is already held by more than 200 organisations, strengthens the confidence of shareholders and other stakeholders that Técnicas Reunidas carries out adequate due diligence to avoid illegal activities, following good practices recognised by the market”.El alcance de su certificación abarca la dirección y gestión de proyectos, ingeniería básica y de detalle, aprovisionamiento de equipos y materiales, incluyendo gestión de la fabricación, y gestión de la construcción y comisionado para la ejecución de proyectos, en los siguientes campos de actividad: petróleo y gas, petroquímica, fertilizantes, industria química, ingeniería civil y de edificación, ingeniería medioambiental, electroquímica, transferencias de calor-tecnical y generación y cogeneración de energía.

This standard establishes the requirements of a management system to prevent the commission of acts constituting crimes that may be committed under the cover of the legal person, and which entail criminal liability for the same; it promotes the culture of prevention and compliance and demonstrates the commitment of the organisation’s leaders to the same; it establishes surveillance and control measures suitable for preventing crimes and significantly reducing the risk of committing them; it improves management, helps to reduce criminal risk and provides a greater guarantee of security and confidence to governing bodies, shareholders and investors, among other stakeholders.

About AENOR 

AENOR contributes to the transformation of society by creating trust between organisations and people, through conformity assessment services (certification, inspection and testing), training and information. It is the leading certification body in Spain and more than 87,000 work centres in the world hold one of AENOR’s certificates in fields such as Quality Management, Sustainability, Verification of Non-Financial Information, Animal Welfare, Health and Safety at Work, Digitalisation and Compliance.

Among AENOR’s differential competitive advantages are the highest brand recognition among companies (B2B) and consumers (B2C); having its own staff, which allows it to manage the knowledge accumulated for the benefit of its clients; innovating in the resolution of new competitiveness gaps thanks to its proximity to the sources of knowledge; and its geographical and sectorial capillarity.

AENOR is a global entity, with operations in 87 countries. In Spain, it has 19 offices in all the Autonomous Communities with its own auditors and a permanent presence in 12 other countries, mainly in Latin America and Europe.

About Técnicas Reunidas

The Spanish company Técnicas Reunidas is one of the most important companies in its sector on an international scale, with a presence in 25 countries and a track record that totals more than 1,000 industrial plants throughout its more than 60 years of experience.

The activity of Técnicas Reunidas focuses mainly on the development of engineering projects, design and construction of industrial plants for the production of clean fuels, natural gas and chemical products, and solutions linked to the energy transition, circular economy and decarbonisation (renewable hydrogen, biofuels, waste recovery, CO2 capture and storage, etc.).Its more than 6,800 employees, mostly highly qualified engineers, make its headquarters in Spain a centre of engineering excellence, which will enable it to apply its own technologies in the development of the same project.


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