June 26, 2024

Técnicas Reunidas holds its 2024 General Shareholder Meeting

On 26 June Técnicas Reunidas held its 2024 General Shareholder Meeting, an event attended by shareholders, directors, and management personnel of the Company.

The General Shareholder Meeting was held in the Adequa 1 Building, next to the registered office, and reached a 72% participation record of share capital. As required, the Company allowed the shareholders to participate face-to-face and remotely. 

At this General Meeting of Shareholders, several agreements have been submitted for vote. They align with the recommendations of best corporate practices and the Code of Good Governance for Listed Companies. 

After the vote on the various items on the agenda, they were approved by the shareholders by a vast majority, exceeding 99% in 12 of the 14 votes. These results have allowed the Company to achieve the following corporate governance milestones:

  1. The number of women on the Board of Directors continues to increase and currently represents 40% of the total.
  2. 8 out of 10 independent directors occupy more than a third of the Board.
  3. The structure of knowledge and experience of the Board of Directors is diverse.
  4. The Remuneration Policy, which was approved in 2022 by a large majority, will be valid for 2023-2025. 

The Técnicas Reunidas President, Juan Lladó emphasized in his speech during the General Shareholder Meeting that…


“The success and leadership of Técnicas Reunidas is the result of more than 64 years of international experience in the design and execution of industrial plants. The ability to apply complex technical solutions and offer the latest technologies available on the market enables the Company to meet the high expectations of its clients and society.”

Juan Lladó Técnicas Reunidas President
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