November 2, 2023

Técnicas Reunidas leads a project to decarbonise the Valencian ceramic industry

Técnicas Reunidas has taken another step forward in its strategy, materialised through its track proposal, to promote the implementation of its decarbonisation solutions not only in the energy sector, but also in other sectors that urgently need to reduce their emissions, such as cement, steel and, in this case, ceramics.

The company leads H2toGreenCeramics, a decarbonisation project using green hydrogen that was selected a few days ago by the Valencian Regional Government to be included in the Aid Programme for strategic industrial projects in the region.

The objective of H2toGreenCeramics is the development of alkaline electrolysers for the decarbonisation of the ceramic cluster of the Valencian Community.

The project will allow the partial substitution of the non-renewable energies used in its combustion processes in the ceramics sector, one of the sectors that requires the highest energy consumption in its production, by the use of green hydrogen obtained from the electrolysis of water.

The result of this substitution will therefore be a substantial reduction in dependence on non-renewable resources and an important contribution to the decarbonisation of the Valencian ceramics industry, one of the most important in the Valencian Community.

The work, which will be carried out until December 2025, will be undertaken by Técnicas Reunidas with the collaboration of two technology centres, a company dedicated to the manufacture of frit kilns and burners, and a frit producing company that is an end user. 

In this way, the project will close the process value chain, as it will cover from the production of renewable hydrogen by means of electrolysis to its use in an industrial application. 

The project has a budget of 2,125,303.99 €, of which 850,121.60 € will be financed by the Regional Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Valencian Community within the framework of the aforementioned Aid Programme.

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