July 13, 2022

Técnicas Reunidas secures an engineering contract for a power station with carbon capture in the UK

  • SSE Thermal and Equinor select the Spanish company for the design of a combined cycle plant with carbon capture system.
  • Técnicas Reunidas will collaborate with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group and Worley in the design of the plant, which will be located in Peterhead, Scotland.
  • The carbon capture system will contribute to meeting the United Kingdom’s decarbonization targets by neutralizing the emissions of the combined cycle powered by natural gas, an essential fuel in the energy transition process.
  • TR engineers will participate in the development of the power plant with carbon capture system, working from the advanced engineering and technology center that Técnicas Reunidas has in Madrid.

SSE Thermal (SSE), a division of SSE plc, and Equinor have awarded a contract for the development of its new low-carbon power station located in Peterhead, Scotland. The contract has been awarded to a consortium of Worley, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering, Mitsubishi Power and Técnicas Reunidas (“the Consortium”).

The project will involve the commercial application of state-of-the-art natural gas-fired power generation technology integrated with carbon capture, removing up to 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. In addition to generating up to 910 MWe of electricity, the plant will provide the necessary back-up to cover the intermittency of renewable energies and thus maximize their penetration. The captured carbon will be stored in wells in the North Sea.

The new power station will be the first of its kind in Scotland and will connect to the Scottish Cluster’s CO2 transport and storage infrastructure, which supports the UK’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Técnicas Reunidas, which has been selected as “FEED Contractor”, will be part of a business consortium called MWT, also formed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Eng., Mitsubishi Power and Worley.

The facility will contribute to meeting the UK’s decarbonization targets by neutralizing emissions from a combined cycle powered by natural gas, an essential fuel in the energy transition process. It is also one of the most important projects designed to promote the sustainable development of Scotland industrial clusters TR specialized engineers will participate in its development, working from the advanced center for engineering and technology in the energy industry that Técnicas Reunidas has in Madrid.

Additionally, TR experience in the UK market will be of paramount importance to the project and our teams in UK will contribute to the UK´s sustainability targets while boosting Aberdeen and Scottish local and UK national economies.

Técnicas Reunidas

The Spanish company Técnicas Reunidas is one of the most important companies in its sector on an international scale, with a presence in 25 countries and a track record that totals more than 1,000 industrial plants over its more than 60 years of experience.

Técnicas Reunidas’ activity is mainly focused on the development of engineering projects, design and construction of industrial plants for the production of clean fuels, natural gas and chemical products, and solutions linked to the energy transition, circular economy and decarbonization (renewable hydrogen, biofuels, waste recovery, CO2 sequestration and capture, etc.).

Its more than 6,500 employees, mostly highly qualified engineers, make its headquarters in Spain a center of engineering excellence.

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