May 18, 2023

Técnicas Reunidas signs relevant contract to develop a zero-carbon nitrogen fertilizer plant in USA

  • The Spanish company has been selected by ATLAS AGRO AG to develop the FEED and OBCE (front-end engineering design/open book cost estimation) during the next 10 months.
  • The plant will be built by Técnicas Reunidas through an EPC contract (engineering, procurement and construction), once the FEED/OBCE Contract is finalized and financing is closed by ATLAS AGRO AG.

Técnicas Reunidas (TR) has signed a contract with the green fertilizer company Atlas Agro (AA) for the development of a zero-carbon fertilizer plant, Pacific Green Fertilizer (PGF), in the Northwest of the United States, close to Richland, a city in Benton County (Washington).

TR and AA have already worked together in the previous stage, the Feasibility Phase of the PGF Plant.

The current contract includes the execution of the FEED as well as the investment estimation in the form of an “open book” (FEED-OBE Contract), for 9 million USD. Once the FEED phase is complete and all approvals have been received, Técnicas Reunidas will start the execution of the plant through an EPC contract. The estimated total investment is close to 1 billion USD.

This award follows the de-risking strategy put in place by Técnicas Reunidas, as the EPC would be executed after a thorough risk assessment and mitigation strategy developed during the FEED stage.

The nitrogen fertilizer plant which will use Tecnicas Reunidas proprietary technology for the main process units and will be the world’s first full scale zero-carbon nitrogen plant, using only air, water and zero-carbon electricity as raw materials.  

It will have the capacity to produce 650,000 tons per year of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate and will be composed of the following main units: Ammonia, Nitric Acid, Ammonium Nitrate, Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate, Electrolyzers and Air Separation.

The plant will be the first of a series that Atlas Agro plans to build in multiple regions across the world.

This new contract consolidates Tecnicas Reunidas’ reputation in the market as an experienced FEED/OBE Contractor and Tecnicas Reunidas’ commitment to continue and expand its activities in the important North American market.

Atlas Agro

Atlas Agro exists to feed the world without emissions.

Atlas Agro is building a series of plants to provide the farmers with truly sustainable zero-carbon nitrogen fertilizer, made locally. 

Atlas Agro’s fertilizers not only improve crop yield and quality and help farmers care for their land and reduce their environmental impact, but also earns farmers premiums for their crops thereby increasing their incomes. 

Técnicas Reunidas 

The Spanish company Técnicas Reunidas is one of the most important companies in its sector on an international scale, with a presence in 25 countries and a track record that totals more than 1,000 industrial plants throughout its more than 60 years of experience.

Técnicas Reunidas’ activity is mainly focused on the development of engineering projects, design and construction of industrial plants for the production of clean fuels, natural gas and chemical products, and solutions linked to the energy transition, circular economy and decarbonization (renewable hydrogen, biofuels, waste recovery, CO2 capture and storage, etc.).

Its more than 7,500 employees, most of them highly qualified engineers, make its headquarters in Spain a center of engineering excellence.

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