February 12, 2024

TR joins the celebration of the Year of the Dragon

On February 10, China begins the celebration of the year 4722 of its organizational calendar, from now until 2025 it will celebrate the year of the Dragon.

Due to the union of Técnicas Reunidas with the Asian country, the Company would like to join this celebration and congratulate all clients and partners on the year of the Dragon, a mythological animal that symbolizes wealth, power, leadership, or bravery.

The Chinese New Year is very different from the Gregorian calendar. One of those differences is that the first day of the Chinese calendar oscillates between January 21 and February 21 with a year that is computed from the year 2698 BC and under the sign of an animal. This year they say goodbye to the rabbit, this animal is a main symbol of longevity and prosperity, according to Chinese literature.

The order of the animals is strict and is determined, according to tradition, by the result of a competition. The most common legend states that it was the Jade Emperor who organized this race among the beasts to choose the guardians of the heavenly gate.
The rat was proclaimed the winner by riding on the back of the ox to cross a river and remaining there until the last few meters of the course, at which point it jumped at the emperor’s feet. The tiger and the rabbit, agile and intelligent, took third and fourth place respectively, followed by the dragon and the snake. The horse and the goat, docile and gentle animals, finished seventh and eighth, while the monkey, the rooster, the dog, and the pig closed the race in the last places.

It was not until the third century BC that these 12 animals were incorporated into the formal study of astrology and astronomy.
At Técnicas Reunidas we would like to congratulate all the inhabitants of the Asian country on the year of the Dragon, wishing everyone to enjoy these days with their families.

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