March 25, 2024

We join “Earth Hour”

Técnicas Reunidas has joined the initiative promoted by WWF with the slogan “Turn off the lights and give an hour to the Planet.”

The Company has among its objectives to achieve a positive impact on the environment, which is why we have joined the initiative of the NGO World Wildlife Fund (WWF), “Earth Hour.” To do this, we have turned off the lights of Técnicas Reunidas buildings, thus giving an hour to the Planet.

The NGO World Wildlife Fund (WWF) aims to slow down the adverse effects of climate change. For this reason, since its foundation in 1961, it has been responsible for the conservation of the environment, including flora and fauna.

And since 2007, the WWF NGO has carried out the initiative: “Earth Hour,” through which it seeks to raise awareness about the problem of climate change. With the gesture of turning off the lights of the most emblematic buildings and monuments, an initiative to which corporate buildings have also joined, as the NGO says, “let’s give an hour to the Planet.”

Thanks to all the employees for participating in this initiative!

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