June 10, 2022

Construction work on IMBISA’s new industrial plant completed

On May 20, the works for the new banknote manufacturing plant of the Bank of Spain, as well as the offices of IMBISA, the institution’s own media company, located in Vicálvaro (Madrid), were signed. 

Técnicas Reunidas, through its subsidiary HEYMO Ingeniería, has developed the design and engineering, integrated project management and construction management carried out by Dragados S.A. The industrial plant has a unique and modern design, which integrates naturally into an environment whose growth it hopes to contribute to. The facilities have been conceived to combine demanding safety requirements and maximum environmental protection, incorporating the principles of technological innovation and efficiency of production processes.

In 2017, work began on the conceptual, basic and execution project; and in March 2020, construction began. It is expected that by the end of this year the first banknotes will start to be produced in the new plant.

The office building, which is connected to the production building, has a metal structure and a curtain wall façade. Its 2,500 m2 are distributed over three floors: ground floor with lobby, assembly hall and cafeteria, and first and second floors for offices. It has an outdoor parking lot with more than 200 spaces, with electric vehicle charging stations and photovoltaic panels installed on its canopies.

The production building has a prefabricated concrete structure above ground and in-situ concrete in the basement, and its most visible feature is its ventilated zinc facade, which gives it a unique character. 

Special attention has been paid to the air conditioning design of this production building, as well as to its safety, as these are two critical aspects. Its 25,000 m2 are distributed over two floors and a basement, where the banknote manufacturing processes (pre-printing, printing and post-printing), destruction and effluent treatment areas, laboratory, warehouses, technical offices, etc. are located. 

The most important elements, in terms of execution and security, are the work-in-process and finished product vaults, two automated warehouses with exceptional security measures. The materials for the production of banknotes (work-in-process) and finished banknotes are stored in these warehouses.

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