April 22, 2020

Our Response to the Covid-19 pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic is having a great impact all across the world. In these unprecedented times, first and foremost, Técnicas Reunidas is focused on protecting the safety and health of our employees, clients and the people in the communities where we live and work. In order to secure this objective, we have closely followed the guidelines set by governments and the World Health Organization and adopted very strict measures worldwide to limit the impact of the pandemic on all our people.

We are also striving to minimize its impact on our operations for the benefit of our clients and employees. Currently, in our home office in Spain, almost all our employees are teleworking. In our sites and branches, we have adopted prudent precaution measures to keep working for our clients, while keeping the safety of our people and subcontractors, with all projects connected through advance digital platforms and our state-of-the- art integrated software.

We are following closely the evolution of the coronavirus through a Covid-19 Committee, that reports directly to the CEO and that has the capacity to act swiftly to take the appropriate measures as the pandemic evolves. The Board of Directors is well informed of all the measures taken and its impact on the company.

In these difficult times for the communities in which we work, the company and its employees have shown their solidarity with those most in need. For instance, in Spain, we have implemented an action plan in order to collaborate with the Spanish health authorities, providing them with protective material, mainly protective masks. For this goal, Técnicas Reunidas has allocated its expert human capital in logistics and purchasing, creating an internal team to ensure that the protection material reaches health authorities, with the highest quality and speed. We have managed to date, directly and through the Spanish embassies, the shipment of close to 40,000 protection units including face masks, protective gowns and temperature meters; thanks to our Chinese partners.

Juan Lladó, CEO of the company said:

“This is an unprecedented situation that we have to successfully overcome. We are used to find solutions to complex problems and I am sure that we are reacting in the most appropriate manner to this challenge. In this endeavor, now more than ever, it is fundamental to move forward together, with full collaboration between the company and our customers, partners and authorities.

I feel very proud of the attitude and collaboration of all our employees since the crisis inception. I am very proud to see how they have adapted with hard work and efficiency to achieve our company goals, without compromising on people’s health and safety. But even more importantly, I am very proud of their initiatives to help society in all possible manners and with enormous passion”

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