Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco

Year contract



$3000 Millions

Responding to the worlds need´s while reducing carbon intensity

Supporting the commitment to reduce the carbon footprint intensity by gathering best-in-class technologies, applying well completion technics and reservoir management practices.

TR was awarded with two projects for the Marjan increment program with a total capacity of 2.5 BSCFD of Gas and 85 MBCD of condensate from the oil and gas fields of Marjan, Safaniyah and Zuluf, in eastern Saudi Arabia.

It will enable a reduccion of the carbon intensity of the crude oil untill 10gr CO2eq/barrel, supporting the carbon footprint strategy set by our client with the ambitious target of providing energy to those who need it while positively impacting the Natural gas will be reinjected in oil fields to improve oil recovery efficiency and natural gas liquids will be extracted to supply clean fuels for cooking and as feedstock for petrochemical facilities.

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