November 27, 2023

Técnicas Reunidas approves a Human Rights Policy

Técnicas Reunidas´ Board of Directors has approved this new corporate policy, establishing it as a fundamental pillar of its activity. This policy not only reflects the Сompany’s commitment to create sustainable value, but also stands out as a firm step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the adoption of the Ten Principles of the Global Compact.

In line with this regulation, Técnicas Reunidas and all its affiliated companies reaffirm their commitment to respect and promote Human Rights. The policy covers freedom of expression, privacy and non-discrimination and includes principles of action to be applied globally throughout its activity. In addition, this new policy reinforces the Company’s Corporate Governance system which includes other documents such as the Sustainability Policy, the Code of Conduct and the Supply Chain Code of Ethics.

To guarantee the effective application of this policy, Técnicas Reunidas undertakes to:

  • Act according to international Human Rights standards.
  • Implement a due diligence system to identify and mitigate risks.
  • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the system using monitoring indicators.
  • Promote a culture of respect for Human Rights and awareness among its professionals.
  • Adopt corrective measures in case of violations and prevent their relapses.

The Company rejects forced and child labor as well as any form of slavery, and is committed to diversity and non-discrimination, ensuring fair and respectful working conditions. Besides that, it guarantees the protection of health, safety and physical and mental well-being of its employees, respecting the privacy of its staff.

In the struggle against corruption, Técnicas Reunidas maintains a zero tolerance policy, already reflected in its Code of Conduct and internal regulations.

Likewise, in the environmental field, the Сompany is committed to preserve biodiversity, promoting the transition to a low-carbon economy, meeting environmental requirements and fostering the circular economy.

Finally, aware of the social impact of its activities, Técnicas Reunidas works closely with local communities and indigenous societies, demonstrating its commitment to technical excellence and its ability to achieve it maintaining full cultural diversity in all its activities and projects.

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