June 21, 2021

Técnicas Reunidas gets a $240 million contract in Russia

  • The Company has been selected by Gazprom Neft, one of the leading companies in the world ́s energy industry, for the development of the residual oil treatment unit at Moscow Refinery.
  • Técnicas Reunidas will implement detail design, purchase of materials and equipment as well as construction management and start-up of a new unit.
  • The Spanish company will enhance environmental compatibility of the plant by means of increasing its conversion degree, optimization of natural resources use and improvement of the efficiency.

Técnicas Reunidas has been awarded by Gazprom Neft a $240 million contract for the development of a modern unit for treating a residual oil at Moscow Refinery.

The scope of works which will be implemented during approximately 40 months (37 calendar months from works commencement date and 3 calendar months from Ready for Start-Up Date), includes detail design of the Project, materials and equipment purchase, new unit construction management and start-up.

The Project development will have an important positive impact on the environmental compatibility of the unit.

Due to the capacity for treating 2.4 million of tons per year, the new unit will contribute to increase a conversion capacity of the plant, transforming residuals streams into high quality fuels which will be adapted to the most demanding environmental norms.

Therefore, the Project will optimize use of raw materials and improve an efficiency of the unit.

This new unit forms part of the strategic upgrading program of Moscow Refinery that Gazprom Neft is developing.

The primary goal of the program is to enhance the investment in the production of first quality environmental fuels.

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