Al Zour New Refinery Project

Al-Zour, Kuwait


Year contract



$4100 Millions. TR´s stake 50%

The largest regional grassroot refinery to produce the cleanest fuels

This refinery uses the latest technology to comply with stringent environmental regulations and produce ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels for worldwide markets

TR will lead the execution of the processing units of the Al Zour Refinery in Kuwait.

The contract scope includes 3 crude distillation units, 3 atmospheric residue desulphuration units, 3 diesel hydrotreating units, 2 naphta hydrotreating units, 2 kerosene hydrotreating units, a saturated gas unit and a heavy oil cooling unit. All these units aim to produce 225,000 barrels a day of environmentally friendly ultra-low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO)

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