DUQM Refinery Project

Duqm, Oman

DUQM Refinery

Year contract



$2750 Millions. TR´s stake 65%

A brand new grassroot refinery for the production of clean fuels

This type of refinery replaces the production of obsolete facilities, reducing the overall GHG emissions of clean fuels production process.

A high conversion grassroots refinery to produce clean fuels under Euro V and Euro VI standards. This turnkey contract for a new grassroots refinery in Oman is part of the Omani government plan for the industrial development of the country which has been designed under international codes and good engineering practices to ensure that HSE protocols are strictly followed in order to protect local environmental, health and welfare on the community at large. The contract scope includes engineering, supply, construction and commissioning of the main refining units. Some of which are U150 Kerosene Treatment Unit, U170 LPG Treatment Unit, U320 Amine Regeneration Unit, U330 Sour Water Strip, U136 Coker Sour Water Strip.

Project video

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